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Ok, so you have seen those majestic redwood trees online- and you kinda don't believe they exist. You want to book a trip and explore them and think, “Man, it would be SO magical to elope underneath the canopy of those living, breathing majestic beings." But, you have no idea where to start. Which grove should you choose? Redwood National Park? Or Humboldt Redwoods State Park? What time of the day is the best?  How does this all work? I just get married and then I am done? How do I celebrate? Ahhh! So many decisions!

Hi! I am Briar of Parky’s Pics Photography! I am here to help you navigate your amazing redwood elopement! I I live right smack dab in the middle of those larger than life, majestic giants you see online. I love nothing more than exploring them for the first time with clients who have never seen them before. To hear them gasp and squeal in excitement as they take in the sights of a silent, spiritual redwood forest carpeted in rich green clovers and soft beautiful ferns. The journey doesn’t stop there...


You can elope in a private ceremony surrounded by a cathedral of redwood trees. After your ceremony is complete, I can show you what else the famous Humboldt County has to offer. Looking for an adventure of a lifetime? Humboldt County is one of the most beautiful places on earth. My house is 5 minutes from Humboldt Redwoods State Park and the famous Avenue of the Giants. It’s a quick trip to the beautiful mountain ranges of the Lost Coast and beyond. There are also amazing stretches of rugged beaches full of large, powerful rocks that have stood the test of time- just like in the movie, The Goonies! 

We won't be far from the famous black sands beach of Shelter Cove; the tiny sea-side home of Northern California’s most remote coastline. No overcrowded beaches here! There is nothing like a black sand beach and a beautiful sunset to make a wedding dress pop! To the north are more majestic redwood trees, as well as the popular beaches of Trinidad State Beach, Moonstone Beach, Patrick’s Point, and Wedding Rock. There is no shortage of amazing hikes and locations! If you are looking for someone who can guide you every step of the way in your elopement process, who knows the ins and outs of the redwood forests, who loves shooting wedding days that are all about the couple and their genuine love for each other... then you have come to the right place! What are you waiting for? Complete the contact form at the bottom of this page and lets get to planning your ultimate adventure elopement! I will be your trusty tour guide for the adventure of your lifetime! From the redwoods to the sea! Best of all? You will have some pretty epic photos to show for it.


Magnificent!!!! It was a blessing to be able to work with Briar! 

She set up an entire adventure day for us. The places she took us to take engagement/wedding photos were absolutely beautiful and she knew how to capture the essence of nature around us. She has a great sense of humor and is so passionate about photography. An overall delightful person to be around. She set up a picnic for us overlooking the Pacific Ocean complete with flowers, succulents, candles, lanterns, Mr. and Mrs. glasses and chocolate cake with our initials on it! It was honestly magical. We love our photos so much and the memory of the day.

Let the adventure begin!

"Maria, you are so amazing and you made my senior picture session unforgettable! I was so comfortable to be myself in the photos, and I can't wait to see how they turn out! Thank you so much for making it so fun for me and my mom! we really enjoyed it! Thank you!"


"I had such a lovely time during my photo session. I am a very nervous person, and, normally, I don't feel all that pretty when I take pictures. However, you were so warm and put my fears at ease. I felt like a princess. You were super accommodating when it came to poses and location, and you gave me the confidence to go out of my comfort zone. I felt like my personality was showing through. Thank you for a wonderful afternoon. It was perfect!"


"Thank you so much for such a wonderful and memorable experience. You made Ali feel so comfortable, and she had such a great photo shoot, thanks to you! We would highly recommend you to anyone, you clearly are incredibly professional and talented! Many thanks from the Schackow family!"


"Thank you so so much for the photoshoot! I had such a wonderful time, the entire time. I expected, when coming onto the place where we were going to shoot, that I was going to be very awkward as I get nervous in front of the camera. However I was pleasantly surprised to see that I was immediately shown your kindness and compassion and felt right at home! Thank you again!!"


"Maria Vallejo is not only a talented photographer: she is an expert when it comes to wardrobe, makeup, and setting. Ms. Vallejo takes the time to really listen to her client's needs. From the early brainstorming stage, to the final product, you can expect nothing but the best. My daughter had a great experience. I would highly recommend Ms. Vallejo for all your professional photography needs. I know I will treasure my daughter's photographs for years to come."


"It was such a pleasure working with Maria! She made the entire process from scheduling our session, picking the outfits and locations so easy and fun!!"


"Maria is so easy to work with! I'm a little camera shy, but once we got out there and started shooting, Maria made me feel so comfortable and the photoshoot was a lot of fun! The pictures are just stunning and full of creativity and uniqueness! I really enjoyed myself and would use Maria again in a heartbeat!"


"Maria is one of the most caring and warmhearted people I have ever met and working with her was absolutely amazing. She really puts her heart and soul into the whole process and takes the time to make sure everything is perfect. She is such a wonderful photographer and I couldn't imagine a better experience for my senior photos! Thank you so much!!"


"I can safely say that the photos that Maria took of my daughter truly capture who she is as well as her personality. They were sophisticated yet fun, and I had a great time watching my daughter enjoy expressing herself through the art of photography. I would recommend Maria and her work to absolutely anyone and everyone!"


"Thank you so much for taking my pictures! I enjoyed the entire process and really felt special. I felt like a super star getting my makeup done and being photographed. I can't wait to see all the pictures and the finished product. Thanks again you are a pleasure to work with!"


"Our photo shoot exceeded all my expectations! It will not only be a day that my twin girls will remember forever, but one that I will keep tucked away to remember their senior year. They loved being princesses for the day! The makeup, wardrobe selections , and the photo shoot location captured their personalities perfectly. We can't wait to see the finished product. I so appreciate the time you took with both of them individually and together."


"Thank you so much for your time and effort Tuesday! Katie and I really enjoyed the photo session! She was so excited to have you photograph her! I totally loved the idea of the prom dress on the beach and in the water. The colors were simply beautiful! We are looking forward to seeing the pictures ! Thank you so much!"


"John's photo session with Maria was amazing. She is a perfectionist who refuses to quit until she has the shot she wants...even if it means lying on the ground to get the perfect angle! Her passion for perfection shows up in every picture which makes choosing a favorite almost impossible! Maria's ability to connect with John and make him relax resulted in the some of the best photos I've ever seen of my son. She is extremely hands on and walks you through every step of the process, from choosing outfits and location to designing graduation announcements. I'm already looking forward to booking my daughter's senior session in couple years! Fantastic photos from a fabulous photographer!"


"I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful experience Heather and I had! The photo shoot was so special and we both can't wait to see the finished product! You are incredibly talented in both your photography and your gift to bring out the best in your "model"! Thank you for the experience as a mother. I know Heather will look back at this fun time before the rigor of med school with fantastic memories."


"Thank you so much for shooting my senior pictures yesterday! It was such a fun experience that I will remember forever. During the shoot, I felt extremely comfortable and confident! I loved all the outfits we picked and how playful I got to be in front of the camera. Hillary did an amazing job on my makeup and did a terrific job on making me full glam and camera ready while still making me look like myself. I love the pictures that you have posted and cannot wait to see more. Have safe travels over the next few weeks and I will be excited to meet with you when you get back! Again thank you so much! I felt like a princess!"


"Maria was so welcoming and made the whole process of senior pictures so easy. She was so open to ideas I had as well as giving suggestions for things she thought would work. She worked for hours making sure everything was perfect and even used her own home and accessories! I would recommend this experience to anyone and everyone, it was such a fun experience with such a beautiful result."


"Thank you for creating such a wonderful experience for both of my girls! As different as they are from one another, you honored each for who they are and worked with them to bring out the confident and strong young women they have grown up to be. The atmosphere you created was easy going and fun, which took the fear and discomfort away from both girls. They had a blast! Thank you again for showing them a new side of themselves and for opening that door for them to explore, should they choose. We're so looking forward to seeing the other pics...thank you."


"Maria is a joy to work with and is a true professional. From the styling session to the day of the photo session, Maria is a perfectionist who treats the client like a star, and the results show!"


"Thank you so much for everything. You truly went above and beyond to make my senior pictures the absolute best they could be. I was initially very uncertain about what to do and feared I wouldn't be good. However, you made me feel so comfortable, allowing me to be myself and capture moments that I will be able to cherish forever. You are so incredibly talented, and made my senior pictures a great experience."


"We had a wonderful experience working with Maria! She makes her client feel like a super model and produces an amazing product to make them look like one as well. She was fun, accommodating and so creative. Maria is a true artist and has my highest recommendation!"


"Maria was the absolute best! I had wonderful time at the photo shoot and I am sure that the photos will turn out wonderfully as well! I felt so comfortable and natural all day today, despite it being an extremely cold Florida day, and I had such a great time that it felt like a few minutes, as opposed to a few hours. I would work with Maria again in a heartbeat!"


"I can't tell you how much Skyler and I enjoyed our photo session with you. Your creativity and professionalism are amazing. From the moment we started with Kara and makeup to the last location and change of clothes, it was truly a magical experience and one neither of us will forget. Your patience and love of your art was beautiful to watch and experience. Thank you for the beautiful memories."


"I can not thank you enough for asking me to do this photoshoot. I absolutely adored working with you despite the weather obstacles that we had. I love doing photoshoot a this one has to be my fav route because I've never done anything like this. This challenged me and I hope I am able to more things like this. The venue was gorgeous even though it was raining and it actually made the photoshoot more interesting and exciting. The poses that we did got harder after each one but they were all great. My favorite was standing in the water knee deep with the dress. Thank you for everything and I had such a great time!"


"I just wanted to thank you again for the amazing experience that we had with you!! From outfit selection to makeup session to the photoshoot, it was all total fun! What a great way to spend time with my precious daughter before she leaves for college! Can't wait to see the final product! Much love and thanks!"


"I had such a blast! It was an amazing experience, so easy and fun,  and stress-free! I loved that you had someone do my makeup so I could be at ease knowing I would look good. I loved that you told me exactly how to pose so it wasn't awkward or anything. It felt natural. I also loved that you had such a vision, could see the perfect spots to take photos and knew what would look good with my outfits. You pushed me to be different and interesting, but still to be myself. Thank you for being patient with the horse thing as well! It made it so much easier to know that you were flexible with poses and that we had no time limit on the shoot. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! You've made my senior pictures amazing!"



Let's create once-in-a-lifetime photos.

Thank you SO MUCH!

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